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Guidelines for Programming in Your Library

  • Parents/guardians are welcome to attend all children's programming.
  • All staff and volunteers upon hiring or appointment to positions that include conducting programs are required to undergo a Criminal Records Check and a Child Abuse Records Check.
  • Due to limitiations in staffing, and in order to ensure maximum benefit to program participatns, phones will not be answered when programs are in session  unless it is during library open hours.
  • Every effort will be made to provide programs for all ages free of charge.  However, if a program involves hiring a guest speaker or performer or requires special licensing fees (for example Public Performance Right), and no sponsorship has been secured, the library reserves the right to charge a nominal fee for cost recovery.  These events will be advertised as "Special Events" to distinguish between our core programs and activities. Core activities of the library will remain free of charge. In order to ensure that these "special programs" are not cost prohibitive, a maximum of $2 per person will be charged to offset extra costs incurred by these "special programs". Any such fees will always be indicated in the promotional material for the program.
  • If programs take place during times when the library is otherwise closed, full library services will not be available. For information or to offer suggestions or comments on our programming please call 902-665-2995 or 1-866-922-0229 (toll free) or your local library; or use our contact us form.