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Be Fit Kits

Be Fit Kit

We've partnered with Sport Nova Scotia and Department of Health & Wellness,  Active Living Branch to create kits that you can take home and play with! Each kit contains fun items such as balls, juggling scarves, activity dice, frisbees, skipping ropes, and more! There's an activity booklet included in each one that guides you in ways to use the items included. We've even included 4 picture books that will get you moving as you read together. The kits are designed to increase physical literacy and to make it easy for you to be active. Our kits are modeled on kits that were originally developed in Kingston, ON.

Each kit may be checked out for 3 weeks. All you need is your valid AVRL library card! Place a hold HERE.

We've collected some Physical Literacy resources here for you to explore. Click on the resources below.

Active for Life (website)

Canadian Sport for Life (website)

Raise a Physically Literate Child (link)

Active Ways to Play (PDF link)


Tips for the Early Years

Tips for ages 5-11

Tips for Teens


* Can I use the kits outside? Sure! But if they get dirty, we'd sure appreciate it if you wipe them down and dry them off before putting them back in the kit.

*Can I keep the kit for longer than 3 weeks? If there are no holds on the kit, you may renew it for another 3 weeks, just like our books.

*What if I lose or damage a piece of the kit? We'll work with you. Individual pieces may be replaced. You won't be charged for the whole kit if just one piece goes missing.

*Can I use the kit for my daycare or school event? Of course! Just place a hold and have the kit sent to the branch nearest you.

*What's in the kit? 3 juggling scarves, 2 stretch chickens, 6 rainbow ground markers, 6 bean bags, 2 skipping ropes, 1 numbered foam dice, 1 activity foam dice, 1 mini nerf soccer ball, 2 nerf discs, 3 easy-grip balls, 6 star spots, an activity booklet, and 4 picture books.

*How do I get all that stuff back in the bag? We've come up with some tips for packing the bags. In the FRONT pouch, put the nerf discs, skipping ropes, stretch chickens, and scarves.  In the SIDE pouch, put the star spots. In the MAIN area, put the books on the bottom, then the bean bags, rainbow markers, balls, and foam dice.