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Teen SRC 2018

Here's how It Works:

TEEN SRC is for ages 12-16.  Ages 17+ are encouraged to join our new ADULT SRC!

1) Sign up at your local library between June 23- August 3.  You'll get a Teen SRC card.

2) Read! Read whatever you want. Audiobooks count. Manga counts. Comics, cereal boxes, newspapers, and magazines count. Reading to little kids counts. (Just read!)

3) For every 5 hours you read, you can complete a ballot to win PRIZES!

4) When you've read 25 hours, you earn a Fast Pass to Upper Clements Park. We'll start giving these out starting July 31, so you have plenty of time to get that reading done! You can also enter to win one of two Grand Prizes, a Huge Pile o'Gift Cards.

5) The program ends on August 18. All ballots must be in by that date; Fast Passes will be available until September 3.