Accessibility and Public Libraries

In 2017, Nova Scotia became the third Province to adopt Accessibility Legislation when the Accessibility Act was enacted. Under the act, certain public bodies, such as Public Libraries, were prescribed.

The Interregional Advisory Committee for Library Accessibility (IACLA) is comprised of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library (AVRL), Cape Breton Regional Library (CBRL), Colchester East Hants Public Library (CEHPL), Eastern Counties Regional Library (ECRL), Cumberland Public Libraries (CPL), and Western Counties Regional Library (WCRL). This group is looking at accessibility in our regional libraries.

The IACLA is collaborating to develop a plan, which establishes a shared commitment to remove barriers in the following areas of focus:

  • Employment
  • Information and Communication
  • Programs and Services
  • Collections
  • Built Environment

   The plan is currently being developed, and will be ready by April 2022. We are in the process doing audits on the physical space in partnership with the municipal units. AVRL and the other regions recognize that a culture of accessibility education and awareness is key to being inclusive and advancing accessibility. We also recognize the value of first-voice input from persons with disabilities, and this document will be developed in consultation with stakeholders who have a disability and/or represent organizations that represent persons with disabilities.
--Ann Marie Mathieu, CEO

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