eBikes at the Wolfville Library

Three electric bikes have been added to the BookBike fleet at the Wolfville branch of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library. AVRL, Acadia University, and the Town of Wolfville formed a partnership that resulted in securing a grant from the Connect2 and Low Carbon Communities initiative to purchase the bikes.

Connect2 is based on a vision that all trips under two kilometres to key destinations in Nova Scotia communities can be made using clean modes of transportation. The Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines wants to help communities to create long lasting greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and to develop bright ideas for low-carbon, clean energy projects.

E-bikes are a mode of transportation that reduces reliance on motorized transport powered by
fossil-fuels. Omar Bhimji, Wolfville’s Climate Change Mitigation Coordinator says, “The Town of
Wolfville is excited to partner with the Annapolis Valley Regional Library and Wolfville branch in
enhancing its popular BookBike lending program. Bicycles are a fun, healthy, and sustainable
way to travel around Town and explore our region. The 3 new electric bikes will make cycling
accessible to more members of and visitors to our community, allowing them to experience
firsthand the joys and benefits of cycling, and everything Wolfville has to offer.”

"We are thrilled to offer our patrons the opportunity to try E-bikes and there has been a lot of
enthusiasm from the community already. With our library branch right on the Harvest Moon
Trail the whole BookBike program is a great fit," said Wolfville Library manager Alice Green.
Library card holders can now borrow Orson Scoot Card, 42, or Tanya Huffy and test out these
bikes. The bikes can be used for the day, for a ride around town, or down the trail. The E-bikes,
as well as three 7-speed bikes are available during library open hours, on a first-come first-loan
basis. The bikes may be used for the day, and need to be returned no later than 30 minutes
before the library closes. Riders must be at least 19 years of age, have a library card in good
standing, read and sign a waiver, and wear a helmet, which the library can provide.


More details about the Bookbike program can be found on our Bookbike page at RenewYourCuriosity.ca

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