Mi’kmaq History Month

When the English arrived in Mi’kma’ki (the Mi’kmaq homeland that includes present-day Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, central and eastern New Mi'kmaq History MonthBrunswick, the Gaspe Peninsula and Newfoundland) the Mi’kmaq and the Crown signed treaties of peace and friendship so they could live in harmony and peace. This is what is meant when you hear “we are all treaty people”. Learn more about those treaties here.

The 1752 Treaty showed the Crown’s intentions to make peace, provide trading posts, and protect the land and way of life for the Mi’kmaw people. The Treaty also designated October 1st as the date on which the Mi’kmaw people would receive gifts from the Crown to “renew their friendship and submissions.”

While any time is a good time to learn more about history, October is a good time to remind you to learn more about the history of the land where we live – and the stewards of that land, the Mi’kmaw people. This online map is a great place to learn the Mik’maq names of the places where we live.

The theme this year is Plant Knowledge and Use. This year’s poster draws on this knowledge and highlights the significance of plants, not just as a source of food but as an integral part of Netukulimk – our way of life. Posters are available in Mi’kmaw, English, and French on the Mi’kmaq History Month Website.


Books at the Library:

A couple of great books that would be perfect for this month are Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer and Medicinal Herbs of Eastern Canada by Brenda Jones .

We’ve got a whole list of Indigenous Voices books.

For kids, we have compiled a list of First Nations books. A great one from this list is from Theresa MeuseL'nu'k, the people : Mi'kmaw history, culture, and heritage.

We are hoping to launch our Moving Through project this month, with a display of books and an art piece created by Bear River youth. Keep an eye out for this exciting project which will be on display first at the Annapolis Royal library.

AVRL would like to acknowledge that our libraries are located on the unceded lands of  Mi’kma’ki , the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq. We honour the Mi’kmaq people who have taken care of this land.

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