Summer Reading Wrap-up

We did it! 

This was the first summer that we used Beanstack, an online Summer Reading Challenge tool to help us keep track of our SRC program. We were really happy with the results and we've been getting a lot of positive reviews from participants as well. All of the prizes have been sent out to their new homes. Congratulations to all of our winners!

This year, we challenged readers across the Annapolis Valley to work together to read One Million Minutes. Not only did we hit our mark, but we logged a record-breaking 1,313,332 minutes! Congratulations, Readers! The bar is set high for next year.

On top of our Reading Challenge minutes, virtual badges were earned for completing Activities. There was a wide range of things to try from fun art activities, to exploring new places in the Annapolis Valley, to reading outside of your comfort zone. All told, 4,951 activities were completed this summer.

One of our biggest surprises was how many people participated in the Adult Summer Reading Challenge. Hundreds of participants contributed thousands of minutes to our total!

Keep an eye out for a Fall Reading Challenge coming your way soon!

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