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Book Launch: 'Joanie'

Friday, Aug 26, 2022 02:00pm to 03:30pm

In 1942, a bewildered six-year-old Joan Crabb and her siblings find themselves wards of the Loyal True Blue and Orange Orphanage in Richmond Hill, Ontario. At the age of thirteen, Joan and the other Crabb children are taken in by a warm and welcoming farm couple, who model and teach the unconditional love of parents. These invaluable life lessons are tested, when Joan and her siblings are blindsided, plucked away, and taken to Nova Scotia, into the custody of the biological father they have never known.
After Joan falls in love and begins her own ever-increasing family in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, it is apparent that her childhood has gifted her with a huge heart for children in need of a mother’s love. She devotes her life to her many biological, adopted and foster children, but at the heart of Joan’s legacy lies a unique bond with a beautiful special needs child, Chrissy.
Written by Elizabeth Deveau, a loving daughter,  Joanie is a creative non-fiction novel based on the amazing and inspirational true life story of Joan Crabb Dunnington, a former, long-term resident of Annapolis Royal.
Elizabeth will share excerpts from the book followed by a Q & A. Copies of Joanie will be available for purchase.