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Bookmobile & Off-Site Services

Branch Manager: 
Wendy Kearnes

Bookmobile & Off-Site Services includes Institution Deliveries and, Bookmobile Community stops.

Who is serviced by Institution Deliveries?

The Bookmobile brings preselected material to institutions such as schools, day-cares and residential facilities. The Bookmobile is used for "book deposits" in which a collection of library material is left with the institution for classroom or residential use. There is a three week lending period, and no overdue fines are incurred.

Who does the Bookmobile serve?

The Bookmobile serves some of the Annapolis Valley's outlying communities and neighbourhoods, aiming at all ages and interests. The Bookmobile provides access to a wide variety of adult and children's fiction and non-fiction material. You can also find magazines, audio books, and DVDs on the shelves.

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