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Bookmobile & Off-Site Services

Branch Manager: 
Wendy Kearnes

Updated June 11, 2020


When will Bookmobile Service Resume?  All walk-on services were planned to discontinue as of September 1, 2020. However with health guidelines for physical distancing, we are unable to offer service in the interim. 

Why are we doing this now? Community stop usage has fallen below AVRL guidelines for many years. The vehicle is aging and needs to be replaced.  Therefore, at the February 2020 Board Meeting, the decision to discontinue walk-on service was approved.

What will happen to the vehicle? The current Bookmobile will be replaced with a smaller, more efficient vehicle.

I used the Bookmobile in my community. How will I get books now? Borrow by Mail is one option.  Library Take-Out is the other option until our branches re-open. There is likely a community library in the town where you do your shopping.  We also offer downloadable eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines, as well as Alternative Services for those who qualify.

Is anyone losing their job due to this change?  No. Staff are still needed to select and deliver books. Some staff will be relocated, but no-one is being laid off due to this change.

Will my pre-primary class still get books? Only the walk-on service is being discontinued. As health guidelines permit, we will consider how to deliver this service.

My facility currently gets books. Will this change? We plan to resume services to daycares and senior facilities, as health guidelines permit. 

Service is Shifting Gears (News Release)

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