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CANCELLED Author Reading with Laszlo Lichter

Saturday, Nov 12, 2022 02:00pm to 03:00pm

Laszlo Lichter will be reading from his book "Border of Hope, Fence of Despair".

In his words:

"'Border of Hope, Fence of Despair'" is an honest depiction of life in Communist Hungary from the summer of 1948 to late December of 1956. It is a story of young love; hopes for a better life; bitter disappointments; betrayals of trust; persecution; imprisonment; a six day ordeal by a group of our family members to escape to Austria.  Our lives became even less reliable when our relatives reached Austria. There were no other choices than to attempt to flee from our homeland. We were unsuccessful and paid the price. My dear Uncle stepped on a mine and lost his life. The rest of our group were sentenced to imprisonment. The Hungarian Revolution broke out on October 23, 1956 and we learned with broken hearts how the Soviets tricked our leaders and executed them. By December of 1956 there was no hope to be free so my dear wife, our thirty-two month old daughter, I and ten other relatives and friends decided to flee from our homeland. Our Almighty helped us all the way across the border to Austria on December 24, 1956 and we experienced the great joy of a first free Christmas."

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