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Ready, set, go!

Illustrations and easy-to-read, rhyming text introduce the basics of eight sports popular around the world, from track to gymnastics and baseball to karate. Includes endnotes on the different sports.

The golden goal

And faster than you could blink--not a second, but a fraction-- Crosby shot the puck before Miller reacted. It slipped through his pads and like that it was done, The country erupted--Canada had won! The Vancouver Olympics, 2010. Canada's best hockey players battle Team USA for the Olympic gold medal in men's hockey. The stakes are high, and the game starts off fast with both teams fighting for the puck. At the end of the second period, Canada is ahead 2-1 and the gold medal is within reach. Then, with minutes left in the third period, the US scores to tie the game.

My very first cookbook

Watching mom or dad in the kitchen is usually a child's first introduction to cooking. And when that inevitable question pops up ("Can I help?"), now you can say, "Yes!" These delightful and delicious kid-friendly recipes are the perfect introduction to cooking for little chefs just starting out. Step-by-step instructions are written directly to the child reader with clear indications for when they need a grown-up's assistance

Answers in the form of questions

For 36 years, Jeopardy! has been a TV mainstay. In that time, it has become a deeply entrenched American tradition and the sort of cross-generational touchstone the likes of which are few and far between in modern television--a show beloved by everyone from Solange Knowles to George Clooney to the Auburn Tigers ... [This book] will delve into the world of the trivia fanatics who spend years training for their chance to compete on Jeopardy!, drilling themselves on Norse mythology and isotopes and rigging homemade buzzers to perfect the art of ringing in. Jeopardy!

The nature of nature

The nature of nature explores how the natural world works, outlines the consequences of its unraveling by our activities, and offers practical solutions -- with a description of societal and economic benefits. The first ten chapters of this book are a step-by-step crash course in ecology -- you might call it "ecology for people in a hurry": what species do, how they co-exist, and how the natural world self-assembles and works, compared to our human-built environment -- with ideas on how to run our society and economy more efficiently.

The best of me

The American humorist, author, and radio contributor shares his most memorable work in a collection of stories and essays that feature him shopping for rare taxidermy, hitchhiking with a quadriplegic, and hand-feeding a carnivorous bird.

Teatime around the world

A celebration of diversity and deliciousness, Teatime Around the World reveals all the wonderful ways we can enjoy a cup of tea--or two!

Let's go on an adventure to discover new cultures and friends through tea! In this fun and lyrical picture book for ages 4-8, kids will learn how tea is enjoyed in Thailand, Japan, Russia, Egypt, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Uruguay, South Sudan, India, and more countries!

Plasticus maritimus : an invasive species

"Clever...beguiling....Readers age 11 and older are likely to finish this book feeling both persuaded and uplifted. Beauty has a way of doing that."
--Wall Street Journal

For young readers comes an imaginative guide to ocean plastics, filled with tips and tricks for identifying--and combating--pollution in our oceans.

Inspired by biologist AnaPêgo's life's work, and filled with engaging science and colorful photographs, this foundational look at plastic pollution in the oceanexplains why it issuch an urgent contemporary issue.

The environment

What on Earth? The Environment is a simple first introduction to the environment--the air, soil, water, plants, and animals. How do we as humans slot into the natural world around us and how do our actions affect the environment? What on Earth can we do about it? The book contains three different types of pages: Explore, Investigate, and Create. This structure provides a child-led and hands-on way for children to learn about the world around them. Create pages consist of fun crafts and activities to give children a chance to play and have fun while learning.