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Charlotte Coombs Haley Community Room

  1. When not in use for library activities the room may be booked for non-profit or commercial meetings, classes, or educational and cultural purposes.
  2. The room may not be booked for private parties, gatherings or other such functions.
  3. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  4. Groups are not permitted to charge an admission fee or to sell for profit.
  5. The room may be booked for the following periods, seven days a week: Mornings (8:30 am –12:30 pm), Afternoons (1:00 pm - 5:00 pm), Evenings (6:00 pm - 10:00 pm).  Bookings should be made in person and paid in advance of the meeting date. Cash or cheques, made payable to Town of Wolfville, are accepted.
  6. For non-profit groups the charge is $15 (includes GST) for each period.  For commercial groups the charge is $25 (includes GST) for each period.  All funds received will be used exclusively for costs related to the room.
  7. A large-screen monitor with computer link capability, as well as a digital projector, is available at no charge. If the lab computers are being utilized in a workshop-type setting, the fee is $50.  Any equipment should be reserved at time of booking.  (MAC users should have the correct converter if they don't have a VGA port.)
  8. The arrangement of tables and chairs and the use of the kitchenette will be the responsibility of the rental group.  These must be returned to the layout, described in the room, before the group leaves.
  9. The library is not responsible for any loss or damage to articles brought onto the premises by the group.
  10. Permission to use the room, and any additional procedures are at the discretion of the Branch Manager.
  11. When announcing your meeting, please refer to the location as the Charlotte Coombs Haley Community Room at the Wolfville Memorial Library.
  12. CANCELLATION POLICY: Credit (to be used within 6 months) will be given when:
    • Weather prevents the meeting or  
    •  48 hours notice is given to the library.