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Gaelic Nova Scotia Month - The Power of Our Songs

Tuesday, May 14, 2019 03:30pm to 04:30pm

Brìgh na Bàrdachd - The Power of Our Songs - Please join us for a delightful afternoon presentation of Nova Scotia Gaelic Song and help us celebrate Gaelic Nova Scotia Month.

Refreshments:  Tea and cookies served   

This event is free of charge. All welcome.

Get your Gaelic on! Come enjoy our Gaelic songs presentation. This year our theme is The Power of Our Song. During presentation you will also have the opportunity to join us for a few easy songs from our beautiful Gaelic language. No experience with Gaelic or singing required! Robyn is a very gentle, experienced song leader.

The songs, tunes and rhythms of the music from Gaelic Nova Scotia are deeply tied to the Gaelic language. Gaelic song traditionally accompanied every work activity, special occasion and function with song, all day, every day. Gaelic culture also enjoys a rich Bardic tradition, with compositions unique to our region, reaching back through our lines to Scotland. This ancient language song culture is still vibrant and evolving in the 21st Century


Robyn Carrigan, Cape Breton based award winning singer, songwriter and instrumentalist grew up surrounded by music in a household steeped in Gaelic culture. Robyn offers a unique and authentic window into the world of the Gaels. She is a direct descendant from the chain migration from Gaelic Scotland and Ireland to Nova Scotia (New Scotland).  She continues to uphold the traditions of her lineage by working as a Gaelic performing artist, through inter-cultural musical collaborations, and by teaching and organising Gaelic song and language workshops in North America and Europe.

Over her extensive career exploring traditional music, composition, folk-roots country, punk, jazz, Russian song and music from the Indian sub-continent, she has worked with many of Canada’s top artists, recording, touring and performing internationally with Grammy award winners. Her critically acclaimed original folk-roots band Bottleneck was signed to Black Hen Records/ Universal and released two CD's; 'Bottleneck' and 'Late Nights, Early Mornings'. Robyn is currently working with Maritimes Music recording label from Nova Scotia on a new album of Scottish Gaelic songs.

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