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Middleton Writers' Group

Monday, Dec 16, 2019 01:30pm to 03:00pm

Words have the power to transform, inspire and connect us! All writers can use the help of a thoughtful, knowledgeable listener, and that’s where the Middleton Writers’ Group comes in! They will help you identify strengths in your writing and help you improve the ability to effectively express your thoughts. Join them as they celebrate their stories in the spirit of discovery and fellowship.

Participants write, read aloud and discuss their stories based on the current topic: "A Holiday/Christmas/Seasonal Story"

If you would like to become a member, please call our facilitator, Paul Gregory at 902-825-2218, to register for the program and to be put on the contact list in the event of a program cancellation. The Writers' Group will cancel the program whenever schools are closed for the day.

Novice and practiced writers welcome!