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Post Traumatic Stress: setting the record straight

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019 06:30pm to 07:45pm

In the past year, post traumatic stress was prominant in Nova Scotia and world news. This talk includes ten things the public should know about PTSD  1) How PTSD happens; 2) It profoundly affects memory; 3) Two people can react differently to one incident; 4) PTSD is not usually linked to violence; 5) PTSD is highly treatable and does not have to be a lifelong condition; 6) Treatment has evolved; 7) Pills are not enough; 8) Dogs and horses are adjuncts to treatment, but you still have to do the work; 9) People heal better in community; 10) How to access trauma experts.

Presented by Dr. Eileen Donahoe, R. Psych.




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