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Winter Film Nights - Water Warriors

Thursday, Mar 14, 2019 06:00pm to 07:30pm

Berwick & District Library Winter Film Series was initiated by our local community. 

The films will be introduced by community members and time will be available at the end for discussion, tea/coffee/cider, cookies and fruit.

Water Warriors - Nothing in this World can live without Water

This is 22-minute short film about a community's fight to protect their water and way of life.

In 2013, Texas-based SWN Resources arrived in New Brunswick, Canada to explore for natural gas. The region is known for its forestry, farming and fishing industries, which are both commercial and small-scale subsistence operations that rural communities depend on. In response, a multicultural group of unlikely warriors— including members of the Mi’kmaq Elsipogtog First Nation, French-speaking Acadians and white anglophone families—set up a series of road blockades, sometimes on fire, preventing exploration. After months of resistance, their efforts not only halted drilling; they elected a new government and in 2016 won an indefinite moratorium on fracking in the province.

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Storm date: March 21st

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