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Grandmother Moon Ceremony

Monday, Nov 07, 2022 07:00pm to 08:30pm

Elder Mary Louise Bernard will lead the Grandmother Moon Ceremony, an Indigenous ceremony that acknowledges Grandmother Moon and Women’s teachings.

From Mary Louise Bernard:

"It is said that Grandmother Moon, 'The Female Energy', watches over the waters of the earth. We see this in her regulation of the tides and all female life. Women are the keepers of the Waters of the Earth, as they carry one of the sacred waters within, to bring forth life. Women who wish to participate can bring a bottle of water with them to be blessed, and bring a drum or other musical instrument along with their voices."

Registration required. Everyone ages 16 and up are welcome. Limit is 20.

Location: Silver Lake Beach, Lakeville, NS - Route 221, Lakeville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Parking at this location is limited, so please consider carpooling.



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