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Investigate it!

Wednesday, Jul 21, 2021 11:00am to 12:00pm

Be  a  detective!  Test  your  powers  of  observation  and  deduction  as  you  use  forensic  science  to  solve  the  mystery  of  the  missing  car.  Fingerprints,  footprints,  handwriting analysis, and more. Can you identify the culprit?

Register for a kit and reserve your spot in this interactive workshop held via Microsoft Teams. Presented by Scientists in School.

You will receive instructions on how to join in your confirmation and reminder emails. 

Please let us know which branch to send your kit to.  Add your pickup location alongside your NAME in the signup form.. eg. Mary Doe (Bridgetown)

Materials required: your mini-science bag, scissors, one plastic cup (from mini science bag), 1/2 full of water, a blank sheet of paper, a shoe, a paper towel or cloth.

For ages 7-12. Possible Allergens: This workshop uses baking soda.


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