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Library Take-Out

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All library operations, procedures, and protocols are subject to the guidelines set out by the NS Health Authority and are subject to change quickly and without notice.

1. What is Library Take-Out Service? Library Take-Out Service is a way of offering access to our books, audiobooks, DVDs, and magazines. Pick-up will be by appointment only. The items can be materials from holds you have placed, items that you and staff have chosen together via a phone conversation, or a combination of both.

2. How is the library safely handling the Take-Out materials? Library staff will be quarantining all returned materials for a 72-hour period. This means all items returned to us will be set aside before being handled. Materials will be checked out to your account, and packed into paper Take-Out bags.

3. What is a Library Take-Out Order? A Library Take-Out “Order” is for a maximum of 10 items. We can choose items for your order by phone. The items will be charged to your library card and will be available to pick up by appointment. Available holds at time of order will NOT count against your 10 items. You may choose to place holds on your own items. Arrange a pick-iup time by phone.

4. How do I place a Library Take-Out Order? Call your local library branch during any of the Take-Out service hours to place a Library Take-Out order for up to 10 items. A preferred pickup time will be discussed.

5. Why do we have a limit of 10 items for a Take-Out Order? Our materials must be handled safely for both you and our staff. Due to these new procedures, we are limiting the number of items that must be handled.

6. What about more than one card in a household/family? If there are multiple people in a household, each with library cards, a Library Take-Out Order can be made for 10 items per library card. Checkouts will be bagged per library card number. We ask that you pick up your household’s Take-Out Order on the same day, with only one member of the household picking up the items.

7. What about the holds I place? There is no limit on any holds placed directly in the library catalogue. You will recieve holds notices; you can phone the branch to arrange a Library Take-Out by appointment.

8. How are Take-Out Bags picked up? Can someone else pick them up for me? Pickups will be taken outside to pickup area when staff make visual/written/verbal contact with the pick-up person. You or your designate will be required to show something with the name of the person who placed the order. Showing a library card is not required.

9. Why is there a 72 hour quarantine period for the books? For now, we want to assure you and our staff that we are doing everything we can with regards to making our materials safe to loan. This means that items you return will still show up on your card for at least 72 hours. There will be no fines.

10. Will there be physical interaction between staff and patrons? This is a contactless service. There will be no physical interaction between staff and those picking up the items. Items will be packed in one-time use paper bags and left outside in the pick-up area at the designated time for pick up by the patron.

11. What is the Loan Period? Standard loan periods are in effect. Your loan period will be set to begin on the day of your pick-up appointment.

12. What are the hours for Library Take-Out Service? The Take-Out Service will be available the hours listed on our website. Please check your local library hours here. However, due to social distancing, staff safety measures, and workload, your phone call may not be answered right away. Please try again later. All pick-up times will be set during Take-Out Service hours.