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Mass Casualty Information Page

Main website for the Mass Casualty Commission 

Mental Health Support: We know the information the Commission will be sharing could be difficult for many people. Sometimes thinking, reading or hearing about a distressing or emotionally overwhelming experience can remind us of circumstances that are upsetting or disturbing. 211 will act as the main gateway for most people and they are aware of the Commission’s work and ready to provide direct support or a warm hand-off to other supports as appropriate. If community members you are working with are struggling in any way and would like help finding mental health, grief, or any wellness support, please refer them to these resources:

o 211 Nova Scotia: Offering 24/7 assistance in over 100 languages, 211 can be reached by calling or texting 2-1-1. They also offer email and live chat on their website at Their trained staff will be able to connect you directly to the right services for your needs. You can call for yourself or if you have concerns or questions about support for someone else.

o Nova Scotia Provincial Crisis Line: If you or a loved one of any age are experiencing distress and overwhelming emotions at any time, you can call the Nova Scotia Provincial Crisis Line 24/7 at 1-888-429-8167. They can also provide the contacts for other crisis services outside of Nova Scotia.

o Kids Help Phone: For individuals between the ages of 5 and 20, the Kids Help Phone can provide confidential support 24/7. Call 1-800-668-6868 or text “CONNECT” to 686868.

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