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AVRL Seed Library

The AVRL Seed Library is back!
Gardening is known to have substantial health benefits in terms of physical activity and mental well being. On top of that, it’s just plain fun. The AVRL Seed Library began in 2016 with donations of seeds from local growers at the Lawrencetown branch. Since then, it has expanded to all eleven AVRL locations.

Annapolis Valley Regional Library promotes the Seed Library as a great family project that leads to healthy food choices and sustainable communities. Watch our Starting Seeds video to get going!

This year, the AVRL Seed Library is partnering with our Moving Through Project and will feature the Three Sisters Companion Pack, along with a variety of vegetable seeds.
The Three Sisters are corn, beans, and squash (pumpkin is too prolific). Three centuries before European settlers arrived in America in the early 1600s, Indigenous populations had been planting this trio. The Three Sisters method is companion planting at its best, with three plants growing symbiotically to deter weeds and pests, enrich the soil, and support each other. As a bonus, Three Sisters Soup is delicious.

Thanks to local donations of seeds and financial support from the Province, the 2022 edition of the AVRL Seed Library is now available and the great things is, it’s all FREE. You can browse the peppers, tomatoes, and leeks to start for transplanting or peas, beets, spinach, and cukes for direct sowing, plus a whole lot more. Stop in at your local AVRL branch and pick up some free seeds. Let's get this garden started! 

AVRL recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Department of Communities, Culture, Tourism, and Heritage to develop and promote our cultural resources for all Nova Scotians.