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FREE Income Tax Preparation

Do you need a hand preparing your tax return? This program is run by volunteers trained by the Canada Revenue Agency, and provides free tax preparation for those with a simple tax situation. If you are an individual with an income below $35,000, or a couple with an income below $45,000, you may be able to take advantage of this free service. This program is available until May 15. Phone the Annapolis Royal, Bridgetown, Lawrencetown, Middleton, Kingston, and Berwick libraries during Library Take-Out hours to make arrangements to drop off returns.

For more details contact:

Dorothy: 902-532-2975 (Annapolis Royal, Bridgetown, Lawrencetown, and Middleton)

Shelly: 902-765-3631 (Kingston - during open hours)

Barbara: 902-538-8060 (Berwick - during open hours)