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A note to adults: Summer Reading 2019

cartoon car with books on top of it

Welcome to the Summer Reading Adventure!

You and your child are now on your way to fun and exciting summer learning. Our Summer program is designed to help your child keep reading and learning all summer long, so that they don’t lose the skills they learned during the school year.

Our free and fun programs make learning easy to integrate into your summer activities. All learning counts!

Here are three ways you can keep your child engaged all summer long:

READ: Reading for 20 minutes a day can boost your child’s reading abilities. Read anything! Books, magazines, comics. And listening to books counts too.

DISCOVER: Learn by doing. How many of the activities on our booklet can you complete this summer? Attend a library program, go for a walk, explore an interactive learning website.

CREATE: Make something new! Arts and crafts don’t have to be expensive. Recycle something into a work of art. Write a story. Cook together.

About the prizes: Our prize structure has changed. We have small incentives designed to keep your child reading all summer long, even though we think reading is its own reward. We will have draws for larger prizes – your child only has to read to earn ballots. By completing adventure activities, your child can enter for even more prizes. Check our website to see the list of prizes that can be won!

Why are we asking for your child’s school? We are participating in a two-year pilot study to look at how the summer reading club helps children learn during the summer. Names are not used in our study; we are only comparing school-wide scores. We think summer learning works, and we want to look at the data to see if we can show it.

One more thing..... Don’t forget – there’s a reading club for teens and adults as well. Sign the whole family up, and have a great summer!