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Learning From Your Neighbours Lecture Series : Reina Green

Shakespeare’s Women: Wives, Mothers, and Daughters

When we think of Shakespeare’s plays, we often think of his tragic heroes like Hamlet, Macbeth, and Othello, but what about the women in their lives: wives like Lady Macbeth and Desdemona, mothers like Gertrude, daughters like Ophelia? This lecture will focus on how the women in Shakespeare’s plays are characterized, how their actions are frequently determined by the men around them, and how they influence those men despite their own limited agency.

Berwick Book Club

This month we'll be discussing "Cool Water", Dianne Warren.

The Berwick Book Club is hosted by Barbara at the Berwick Library and is open to anyone who is interested. You can download a copy or call the Berwick and District Library at 902-538-8060 to reserve a copy. Join the discussion online using Zoom or, join in person.

Registration is required.