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The loving wrath of Eldon Quint : a novel

"Pletts's ambitious debut weaves our history into an intense narrative for today's readers." --Alan Geoffrion, author of Broken Trail

Eldon Quint toils as a farmer on the Dakota frontier. The widowed father leaves the faintest impression as he moves through the world, wishing to shield his sons from the violence that shaped his own childhood.

His twin brother, an outlaw known by his chosen name--Jack Foss--leaves only bloodshed in his wake.

The Pump

For fans of Shirley Jackson and Alice Munro, a Gothic collection of stories featuring carnivorous beavers, art-eaters, and family intrigue.

The small southern Ontario town known as The Pump lies at the crossroads of this world's violence--a tainted water supply, an apathetic municipal government, the Gothic decay of rural domesticity--and another's.

The hunted

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide - an electrifying, heartpounding, truly unputdownable thriller - a bestselling debut from talented newcomer, Gabriel Bergmoser.

'A truly terrifying, breathlessly exciting novel. It gut punches you in the first few pages and doesn't let you recover until the final, thrilling climax. An extraordinary book.' M W Craven

'An original and high-octane read, it makes Deliverance look like Picnic at Hanging Rock.' The Times/Sunday Times Crime Club

Metal anthology [music]

(Deluxe Guitar Play-Along). The Deluxe Guitar Play-Along series will help you play songs faster than ever before! Accurate, easy-to-read guitar tab and professional, customizable audio for 15 songs. The interactive, online audio interface includes tempo/pitch control, looping, buttons to turn instruments on or off, and guitar tab with follow-along marker. The price of this book includes access to audio tracks online using the unique code inside. The tracks can also be downloaded and played offline.

Free as a Jew : a personal memoir of national self-liberation

"Ruth Wisse's intellectual autobiography is a lasting work of profound moral force and scathing political discernment.... Its illuminations are likely to be as urgent one hundred years hence as they are now." --Cynthia Ozick

A Jewish child born into the worst of times in Europe grows up during the best of times in North America--only to recognize that it could be moving back in the opposite direction.

Open every window

When Jane Munro's husband is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, the Griffin-award-winning poet must chart a path through the depths of grief, learning to live with loss and to take solace and find freedom in the restorative powers of writing.

Lean fall stand

'It leaves the reader moved and subtly changed, as if she had become part of the story' Hilary Mantel


'So moving and delicate and terrifying and haunting' Maggie O'Farrell


The highly anticipated new novel from the Costa-award winning, three-times Booker-longlisted author of Reservoir 13. When an Antarctic research expedition goes wrong, the consequences are far-reaching - for the men involved and for their families back home.