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Book Club in a Bag List

The following is a list of all of our Book Club in a Bag kits, these titles can be found in our catalogue.  These symbols will indicate whether these titles are also available in the following sources: N= NNELS, C=CELA, Oe=OverDrive eBook, Oa=OverDrive audiobook

Bridgetown & Area Library DeVenney Room

1. When not in use for library activities, and when library staff are on-site, the room may be booked for non-profit or commercial meetings, classes, educational and cultural purposes.

2. The room may not be booked for private parties, gatherings, or other such functions.

3. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

4. Groups are not permitted to charge an admission fee or to sell for profit.

#3 - The Bone Tree

Penn Cage’s father, Dr. Tom Cage, stands accused of murder, and each effort to defend him unearths new, shocking secrets, leaving Penn to question whether he ever really knew his father at all. At issue is the murder of Tom’s former nurse, Viola Turner. The district attorney is quick to point the finger at Tom, citing his decades-old relationship with Viola. When Tom is taken into custody, Penn must explore the dangerous territory of Tom and Viola’s shared history, set squarely in the most harrowing years of civil-rights-era Mississippi.

12 Days of Cookies

12 Days of Cookies

Want to join in on our 12 Days of Cookies? Here's how you can participate, and maybe even win a gift card!

Bake a cookie recipe from a book you borrowed from the library, send us the book title and a picture of your cookies, and you'll be entered into a random draw for a gift card. Selected entries will be posted on our 12 Days of Cookies blog page. All complete entries will be entered into the draw.

Adam's List of the Month Page

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NNELS (National Network for Equitable Library Service) is a growing collection of downloadable audiobooks and other accessible formats provided for use by persons with print disabilities. Nova Scotia Public Libraries are pleased to provide this new service to library customers in our communities.