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Friends of the Library Policy


The Annapolis Valley Regional Library Board holds a positive view on the establishment of Friends of the Library groups. The Board defines “Friends of the Library” as a volunteer group of individuals with a common interest in library support and advocacy. POLICY The Friends of the Library exist to support the library’s mission, vision and values through various activities such as advocacy, promotion and fundraising.


Selection Policy

The Annapolis Valley Regional Library’s purpose is to make recorded expressions of intellectual activity available to the residents of the municipalities of Annapolis, Kings and West Hants. The prime objective of the library is to meet the informational, educational, recreational and cultural needs of the public with a well-organized collection of materials. Materials in the library’s collection represent manifold points of view on countless subjects, are in various formats and are intended for audiences of many educational levels and all ages.

Pets in the Library Policy

The Annapolis Valley Regional Library strives to make its branches as user friendly as possible.  Due to allergies and/or safety concerns and liability, we prohibit pets inside the library with the exception of working animals serving as aids for the disabled.

Animals may be involved in special programs and this will be made clear to the public in any publicity for the program.

We thank all patrons for respecting this policy.


June 9, 2011

Social Networking Policy

In keeping with the mission of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library (the Library) ofbuilding strong communities through the sharing of places for collections and connections”  the Library shall participate in various online social networking applications, in order to give members of the community increased access to library resources without requiring a visit to a physical branch or service outlet.


A contribution to your Library is a lasting tribute.

The Annapolis Valley Regional Library is happy to accept donations for a gift or memorial.

You may choose whether you want your donation to go toward books, other library items, or general operations.

You may contribute in your own name or in the name of the person being honoured or memorialized. We will send a letter to the appropriate individual or family. If the donation is for books, bookplates can be placed in each item. Please discuss the wording of the bookplate with staff.