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Air Quality Health Index - Know what the air quality is like in Nova Scotia. The Air Quality Health Index is easy to use. It relates outdoor air quality to health risk. The lower the number, the lower the risk. The higher the number, the greater the health risk.


Access Nova Scotia - Services for businesses and individuals. Everything from marriage or drivers licences to land permits and property searches. Includes a life events section that covers procedures for things like losing your wallet, filing for divorce or what to do when someone dies.


211 - 211 is a free, confidential information and referral service putting people in touch with thousands of community and social services available across the province. Useful for teens, immigrants, seniors or anyone needing information on services.

Alternative Service

The Annapolis Valley Regional Library offers library materials in a variety of formats.  You may wish to try out one of these:

Large Print Books 

There are over 9,500 large print titles in our collection.  You will find a collection in each of our locations.  You can see the newest titles added to the collection through this new large print fiction list.

History of the Annapolis Valley Regional Library

In 1937 the Government of Nova Scotia passed an Act to Provide for the Support of Regional Libraries and a survey was undertaken asking residents if they needed a public library in their community.  The recommendation was made to implement regional library service.  The Second World War stalled plans for library service, but after the war in 1947-1948 the survey was updated and work began on the long-awaited project to establish a regional library in the Annapolis Valley making it the first regional library system in Nova Scotia.