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What About Donations of Books and DVDs?

Donations of material in good condition, and produced in the past 5 years, are gratefully accepted*. These include:

  • Books (including paperbacks)
  • DVDs
  • Audiobooks (CD or MP3 only)
  • Magazines (published within the past 12 months)

No National Geographics, or Reader's Digest Condensed books, please.

*Donations must be given with the understanding that, if the library cannot use the materials, they may be sold (with the proceeds going to the library) or failing that, disposed of as the library sees fit.

Just drop them off at any of our branch libraries with your name and contact information.

All donations of gifts in kind (used books, furniture or equipment, etc.) are subject to official acceptance by the Regional Library.

Official receipts for gifts in kind, for the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the item will only be issued if:

  1. Direct communication regarding the donation takes place with Regional Library staff.
  2. It is agreed that a particular gift is welcome.

A Fair Market Value (FMV) will be determined by a qualified library staff person if the value is less than $1000.

If an item is purchased by the donor for the purposes of donating it to the library, the sales receipt will be used to determine the amount of the receipt to be issued.