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ZOOM virtual programs

New to ZOOM? Visit the Zoom Help Centre and the Zoom Log In to learn more and get a free account.

Etiquette and tips:

Join the meeting 5-10 minutes before it is scheduled to start.

For meetings:

Be careful what personal information you share.

Pick a neutral part of your home as your video background.

Avoid backlight from bright windows.

Adjust your camera to be at eye level.

Zoom has a feature that allows you to use a background image to prevent the other participants from seeing inside your home.

Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.

Remember that everyone can see you. Wandering around the room, yawning, or checking other devices can be distracting and disruptive to other participants.

Most technical issues can be solved by leaving the meeting, and rejoining it again. The Leave Meeting button is on the bottom right corner. You can use your link to re-join the meeting.

Inappropriate behaviour will result in removal from the event.

For webinars:

You will join without video or audio; link will be sent when you register.

Protecting privacy:

Only those people who have registered for our online events will receive a link that will allow access to the event.

Once participants have joined an event, they will stay in a "waiting room" until library staff has confirmed they have registered.

Once the event has begun, the event may be closed to new participants.

Only event hosts will be allowed to share their screens.

Participants can take part in the event using audio only, if they prefer.

Everyone has control over their own video feed and can turn it off themselves.

Unless previously stated, we will not record our online events.

We will not keep transcripts of conversations from the chat room.